Get details for IMAP server setting for the SBCGLobal email acc

  • For setting up SBCGlobal account the users are required to set up its server settings so that the account gets configured correctly. The configuration can be done by the IMAP or the POP settings. When the configuration is being processed the users need to make sure that all the credentials required for this should be entered correctly so that no error is faced by the users.
    Therefore, mentioned below are the sbcglobal imap setting for SBC global account that the users need to enter :
    In the incoming mail server :
    in the account type name it should be IMAP.
    In the user name the users need to enter their correct SBCGLobal email account.
    In the server host name the users are required to enter
    in the server port option the users need to enter 993.
    the authentication should be the users SBCGlobal email account password.
    The SSL/TLS should be enabled with yes.

    Therefore, these are the IMAP server settings for SBCGLobal email account that the users need to enter for the configuration. On the other hand if the users faces any technical issue related to this then they should simply contact on the Sbcglobal customer service number at any time of the day.