Southwest airlines food and beverage policy

  • When you are a frequent traveller of one particular airline then you get to know a lot about the various services that are made available to the users such as the food policy of the airline or the other facilities that this airline offers. So now in case you are a novice passengers and your most of the time is spend in travelling due to your profession or some other reasons, then it becomes quite mandatory for you to know the detailed information about the food policy of the airline.

    The southwest airlines food and beverage policy is explained in the following points:-
    This is the airline that serves the travellers with the complimentary coffee, juices and other drinks such as the cold drinks etc on to their all flights.
    Now one thing to note here is that if your total flight itinerary includes the whole series of the flights
    and that too if they are the flights with the duration of less than 2 hours then you will be served peanuts or the pretzels on to that flight segment of yours.
    And just in case your flight includes some of the flights that are of non-stop nature and that too if they are of longer than 2 hour duration, then you will be served a packaged snack.
    One more thing to note here is that this airline does not serve any sandwiches, or meals, but just in case if you wish to bring something of that kind then the airline gives full permission of it.
    So you can simply pack a meal for you or you can stop by a concession stand in the airport and then could bring it onboard.

    So these are the things that you need to consider in mind while booking the tickets in this airline and just in case you feel that you want to know something else about the various policies of this airline then you can simply choose to call on the Southwest airlines reservations phone number to get the proper information.