Snell Needs A New Home

  • For a man having a pretty nondescript track record, Ian Snell sure is making a large amount of news lately. Five days ago, the Pirates optioned Snell to Triple-A, at his request, so Travaris Cadet Jersey he could work on returning to the pitcher he was a couple of years ago. The Pirates organization are clearly sick and tired of him, and it seems likely that the feeling is mutual. Today, Pittsburgh GM Neal Huntington was quoted as calling anything extension he gave Snell last year a mistake, after which went out to state that although the contract made sense at the time, you could argue very easily that people mi sed on the player.

    He finished the remarkably negative public quotes by referring to salvaging the deal, either by trading Snell to someone else or bringing him back to the majors as a relief pitcher. Not exactly Ken Crawley Jersey a ringing endorsement of his future in Pittsburgh, is it?

    Given your comments ought to and the situation, youd think that Snell have been the worst pitcher in the good reputation for baseball or had physically a saulted a teammate or something. But, no, hed just struggled a little with his command and stranding runners, that has led to a period (5.36) thats about a run greater than his FIP (4.56). Thats the type of performance that will get you banished from Pittsburgh nowadays?

    Its nothing like Snell cant pitch anymore, either. Yesterday, in the begin in Triple-A, from the negativity of the situation in the major league level, he threw seven innings, gave up two hits, walked one, and struck out 17 batters. At some point, Jairus Byrd Jersey he blew away 13 Toledo hitters consecutively. I know its Triple-A, however, you cant accrue 17 strikeouts against profe sional hitters without some talent.

    If the Pirates are tired of Ian Snells personality, there must be a pretty decent sized line of teams ready to take him off their hands. The mistake contract that Huntington refers to pays Snell $3 million this season, accompanied by $4.25 million the coming year, which means that the entire obligation to Snell moving forward is all about $6 million with the end of 2010 Cameron Jordan Jersey . The contract then contains two fairly reasonable club options that might be no-brainer pickups if Snell stays healthy and shows a little bit of return to his previous form.

    In a market in which a bunch of contenders are pining for a starting pitcher, Snell would make a really good buy-low choice for practically all of these. At worst, hes a Kenny Stills Jersey competent #5 starter, and hes got the talent to become significantly more than that. Maybe it wont exercise for him in Pittsburgh, but this appears like a case of the Pirates flushing an a set for reasons that better management could overcome.

    Dont be amazed if you notice Snell pitching well for some other team in the next few weeks.