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    What To Do When Norton Antivirus Fails To Take Action On An Infected File?

    Having a solid antivirus program like Norton gives a feeling of security. Back in the psyche, you realize that the antivirus will secure your PC and the information put away in it. However, imagine a scenario in which your Norton antivirus discovers something that is from the group of infections, yet doesn't follow up on it. This will alter your opinion set out of the blue that Norton antivirus is not that dependable that you used to think it is.

    It is not be noticed that not all documents can be repaired in light of the fact that Norton antivirus doesn't put every suspicious record into the class of infections, yet once in a while, it could be adware too. You can connect with Norton Antivirus Technical Support by calling Norton Antivirus client mind number to know why your Norton antivirus is not having the capacity to repair a contaminated record.

    Here and there, even Windows document is distinguished as tainted, yet the antivirus doesn't make any move it. You also can't erase that document since you don't know whether that record is essential or not. Erasing a critical grind can close down your whole PC and afterward, you should reboot it once more.

    You can go to your program toolbar took after by clicking 'Norton antivirus symbol' that you see over yonder and pick one of the accompanying activities:

    1.         View Status: You need to open Status window of Norton anti-virus where you can check the season of the last PC examine.

    2.         View Quarantine: This will demonstrate to all of you suspicious documents that were recognized and disengaged by the antivirus.

    3.         View movement log: Displays every one of the dangers that were recognized by Norton antivirus alongside moves made on those.

    4.         View infection reference book: Displays names of all infections and what they do.

    5.         Launch output menu: Shows the rundown of sweeps with the goal that you can run it.

    This is not another issue that Norton antivirus has quit making a move on tainted documents. On the off chance that you truly need to dispose of this issue, at that point you have to call upon Norton Antivirus Customer Service Number 1-855-490-2999 (without toll) in light of the fact that no one but specialists can help you in an ideal way. Resource URL:-