What Does A Financial Aid Award Entail?

  • You certainly will be excited when you receive that financial aid award confirmation, but you certainly need to understand what you are being offered before signing on the dotted line. The aid will help you do things like paying for assignment writing service and other expenses.


    The awarding will be based on the figures you had provided in the financial aid application form. That is why you are advised to provide truthful information that will match the amount of funding you need to be granted. Your award letter will show you the amount and the types of awards that you will have succeeded to get. It might be a work-study, a grant, scholarship or the students’ loan. At times the award can be a combination of two or three of the mentioned awards. On the letter you will see a breakdown of the cost of attendance, the EFC that you had indicated and the amount of the aid that the college will meet.


    Additional information will be about the mode and time of disbursing the funds, the deadline you are given to accept the offer, the period that your aid will cover and the process that you will follow to either accept or reject the offer.