How to setup Sympatico email on MAC

  • Sympatico email is one of the safer email services which enables easy access to the email account across various devices. The other features include easy sending of attachments over the server along with the professional emails. Email security is also top class with protection from spam emails. It has all the features of a modern day email account.

    Sympatico email can be setup on MAC devices and users can setup the account easily for instant email access. Are you setting up the email account for the first time? Then it can be problematic for you and this article will show the necessary steps. Contact Sympatico email technical support for the best steps and assistance.

    Here are the steps to setup Sympatico email on MAC –

    Open the MAC OS and click on ‘Mail’.
    Next click on ‘Preferences’ and then choose ‘Accounts’.
    Now click on the ‘+’ icon and click on ‘Account Type’.
    Select ‘POP’ and enter description of the Sympatico email. Click on ‘Full Name’ to enter the username and on ‘Email Address’ to enter the Sympatico email address.
    Click ‘Continue’ to move forward.
    For the Incoming Mail Server, enter ‘’. Enter the username and password for the email account.
    Again click on ‘Continue’ and wait for the information verification.

    Now select ‘Use Authentication’ and again enter the username and account password.Sympatico email technical support
    Click on ‘Continue’ and wait for the verification of the account.

    Choose the option of ‘Edit My Email’ and then click ‘Server Settings’.
    Tick the option of ‘Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)’ and click on ‘OK’.
    Click on ‘Advanced’ and set ‘Authentication’ to ‘Password’.
    Sympatico email is now ready to be set and used. Login to the email account with correct email login details.

    Facing any type of issue in setting up the Sympatico email account? Dial  Sympatico email technical support   phone number for instant assistance. Support team and experts are highly trained professionals who diagnoses the problem remotely within no time.