The 3 Best Mice For Gaming (Mmo, Fps, Rts)

  • We follow our post series dedicated to peripherals related to gaming, those products that will help you to make your gaming experience perfect. And we have to comment on which are the best mice for gaming.


    Any mouse for gaming has to offer you reliable connectivity, a soft and sensitive touch, and basic click and scroll functions, but it should also have the following attributes:


    • High-quality sensor:  we can find LED and laser sensors. Laser sensors offer much better tracking. It is also possible to combine the best of both worlds, with a mouse that uses two sensors, one of each type. Important to choose a mat that fits well to each of the mice. With the best opticians use cloth or rubber mats and with the laser mice better to use mats that are rigid and in black colors.
    • Comfort and personalization: they have to be comfortable, enough to play for hours and customizable with the buttons and enough wheels to access the different features of the game.
    • That allows adjusting the DPI (Points per inch: the number of points that a mouse can recognize in a certain distance), that will depend on the size of the screen and the sensitivity of the pointer in the game. Mice with high DPI values, for example, 6000 DPI, are suitable for playing on large monitors over 24 inches. Many allow you to adjust this parameter while playing.
    • The mice designed for playing real-time strategy (RTS) and MMO are often equipped with a number of programmable buttons. Under the thumb, these mice offer 6 to 12 buttons that can be used as numeric keys or can be programmed to run longer commands.
    • Many gaming mice can also be physically customized as they have removable weights to adjust the total weight. Others allow you to change the balance center, adjust the height or tilt of the palm rest.
    • Response speed indicated in  Hz: the highest we will be able to find is 1000Hz. It would be interesting to leave it to the maximum.


    How can we find the best mouse for gaming?


    Finding the best mouse for gaming will depend on your preferred style of play: whether you play First Person Shooter (FPS) or Strategy (RTS) or Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games.


    If you like the former you will need a high DPI, if you like the latter you can stay with DPI means. You also have to keep in mind if you are going to use certain mouse functions: you do not have to spend buying the best mouse in the market if you are not going to use all its functions.


    The 3 best mice for gaming (MMO, FPS, RTS)


    1. Logitech G602 Wireless USB Mouse for Gaming (MMO)



    Possibly some of the best mice for gaming and that also has a very good price. Although the G602 does not offer a modular design or rechargeable battery, its reasonable price and great performance make it one of the best choices. Perfect for MMO games. Two other good options are the Razer Naga laser mouse that has 19 programmable buttons, and the  Logitech Proteus Core G502.


    The battery life of AA is 250 hours of play (it has LED indicating that the battery is low), has 11 programmable buttons and has a DPI resolution ranging from 250 to 2500 (can be changed on the fly). The maximum speed is up to 2 meters/second


    In favor:


    • Comfortable design for right-handed.
    • Multiple thumb buttons provide more control and custom actions.
    • Excellent location for the bell boys.
    • The battery has an excellent duration
    • Perfect for MMO




    • We do not have the possibility to do it wire and it uses batteries AA


    2. Corsair Vengeance M65 - USB mouse for gaming (FPS)



    If you are looking for a mouse for first-person shooter video games (FPS), this model is certainly the best. It has an excellent futuristic design, laser technology and a sensitivity that reaches 8200 dpi.


    Also, we will find 3 removable weights to adjust to your liking the mouse and connectivity USB 3.0. The response speed is 1000Hz. It can be set to 1000 Hz, 500 Hz, 250 Hz or 125 Hz (1 ms, 2 ms, 4 ms or 8 ms).


    The internal memory of the M65 allows us to store multiple profiles, but you will have to download the control software from the Corsair website.


    In favor:


    • Futuristic design
    • Very comfortable
    • The scroll wheel is larger than normal
    • Perfect for FPS due to high DPI and as general purpose mouse




    • No wireless option
    • They do not have many configuration options


    3.- Razer DeathAdder, USB mouse for gaming (RTS)



    Real-time strategy games (RTS) are based on how quickly you can adapt to the changing conditions of the battlefield and how well you can remember keyboard shortcuts. Therefore, you will need a mouse that is simple and ergonomic. Its curved design is elegant and comfortable. It has few extra buttons, its displacement is precise and the response times very fast.


    It has an optical sensor of 6400 DPI (adjustable at the moment), 5 programmable buttons, 1000Hz and is designed for both right-handed and left-handed.


    In favor:


    • Smart and simple design
    • Accurate and adjustable performance
    • Perfect for RTS games
    • For right-handed and left-handed




    • Saved profiles remain in use after programs have been closed