How to turn off Yahoo Mail Plus conversations

  • Yahoo Mail Plus allows the user to access their Yahoo Mailboxes by using Microsoft Outlook. You can access your account through Microsoft email client. It offers a host of other features for the businesses which include email sending with additional filters. YMail Plus uses built-in Messenger for staying in touch with the clients as well as employees. You can sign out if you want to turn off the Messenger. You will have to log in manually next time if you have turned off the Messenger if you want to chat. You can stop Yahoo from saving your conversations by turning off the chat history and thus, can protect your account privacy.

    You can also contact technical support service provider for further help and assistance.

    Process of turning off the conversation in YMail Plus:

    a. You will see Messenger feature will log in automatically in to your Messenger account once you have logged into your Yahoo Mail Plus account. Your contacts will appear in the pane. Your contacts will start chatting with you if you are online.

    b. For turning off the Messenger, tap on your status in the pane and then select ‘Sign Out of Messenger’. It will remain turned off until and unless you want it to turn on again by selecting ‘Available, Busy or Invisible’ option from the menu.

    c. Select ‘Settings’ from the menu after clicking on the gear icon for opening the Settings Window.

    d. In the navigation pane, tap on the ‘Messenger’ and then unmark the ‘Keep a history of my conversations’ check box from the Conversation History section. It will stop Yahoo from saving your chats.

    e. For saving the new settings, tap on ‘Save’ button.

    You can connect with Yahoo Support UK team by dialing 0800-046-5200


    If there are email related issues and you are unable to resolve them, then you can talk to experts by calling Yahoo support number 0800-046-5200 and let them fix your error. You can also reach them through live chat and email support. They will guide you through the instructions and assures you with appropriate solutions.


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